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Dr Kantha Gareeb is an Anesthesiologist of over 20 years. In this time of studying the best of medicine, she has also delved into the science of the brain and the effects of how one can change their lives by changing their thought patterns. Beating the odds from a poor background, she has shown the world what can become of someone who changes themselves from within.

Dr Gareeb has written a  book on the subject ie Brain Plasticity , sharing the pearls in her Public Speaking. More Pearls can be found HERE. She also runs a Pain Clinic, (HERE) and is starting a Medical Scrubs Business, (HERE) all while running her Private Practice. 

Your Point of View Determines Your Reality Your Reality Does Not Determine Your Point of View. More…..

- Dr Gareeb M.D. -


/What I do

A short summary of Dr Gareeb’s latest projects. from her medical work, to her clothing designs and her public speaking, all shared on paper in her latest book.


A Medical Doctor of over 2o years, Dr Gareeb also holds a Dental Degree, Medical Degree and has Specialized in Pain and Anesthesiology. She currently runs her private practice and her Pain Clinic.


Brain Plasticity is a book expelling the notion that the brain is fixed like concrete. Rather, it is like Plasticine, which can be molded and changed over time. Purchase the book to find out how to change your life! HERE for personal Quotations. Purchase HERE


Dr Kantha Gareeb has started public speaking based on her extensive Medical Knowledge and life journey as the narrative, clearly showing her own personal Brain Plasticity. Contact her to book a Public Speaking event, to hear the latest in ground breaking research! Contact her HERE to Book her Services.


/Work done so far

Peruse the latest in Dr Gareeb’s projects..

Brain Plasticity

/The Journey

Brain Pathway
Jan 1

The Desire To Change

If what you see in your life is not enough, then step 1 is to desire to change. Start from there and implement the steps needed to get there.

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Dec 1

Guarding the Mind


Once one has established new patterns in their life, guarding the mind becomes critical to keep them ingrained, so as not to be lead astray into old habits.

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Daily Affirmations

Ordinary Works, Ltd.

Daily Affirmations can help to establish new mental pathways in the subconscious. This step is not to ignore the suffering of one's life, but rather to focus on a new…

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Jun 1
The Journey
Mar 1

Feeling the Fear, and Doing It Anyway

Oxford University

Project yourself 50 years from now, do you have any regrets? Then seek to change that in the present in a constructive way today! Feel the fear that comes with…

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Sep 1

Embracing the Struggle

Awesome Company, Ltd.

Embracing the struggle is to not try to change one's life experiences, but rather to change the way one deals with them and responds.

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The life and wisdom shared from Dr Gareeb has been life changing. She not only shares her advice freely, but lives it!

I feel indebted to Kantha, as her Teachings have helped to turn my life around for the better.



Brain Plasticity Book

What if you were given the tools to change your reality?


What if you were shown the way to change your life and your reality was just a pipe dream?


What if this way was not a secret, magic, or mystery?


What if this way is backed by science? What if you were told and shown that you exercise this anyway?


Can you afford not to pick this book up?


Can you afford to walk away? Can you afford not to know your highest potential?


This is not a self-help book, neither is it motivational. It contains a whole lot more. It can be anything you want it to be.

What this book is, is really a map. Like all maps, it leads you to a destination. A destination chosen by you.


You choose the path and the mode of travel.

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